YouTube will require creators to disclose if content is AI generated

The line between reality and fabrication just got a bold new boundary on YouTube. In a move designed to combat misinformation and foster transparency, the video-sharing giant is rolling out a new policy requiring creators to disclose when content is [...]

March 19, 2024|Categories: Artificial Intelligence News|

Nvidia just announced their new “AI SuperChip” Blackwell

Nvidia sent shockwaves through the AI community today at GTC 2024 with the reveal of their latest powerhouse, the Blackwell "AI SuperChip." This leviathan of a chip boasts a staggering 208 billion transistors, marking a significant leap in processing power [...]

March 19, 2024|Categories: Artificial Intelligence News|

Apple may partner with Google to bring AI features to iPhone

In a move that would have sent shockwaves through Silicon Valley a decade ago, Apple is reportedly in talks with arch-rival Google to bring the latter's powerful generative AI engine, Gemini, to iPhones. This potential partnership, reported by Bloomberg, marks [...]

March 18, 2024|Categories: Artificial Intelligence News|

US Pushes for Global AI Governance at UN

The race for leadership in the nascent field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken a new turn with the United States pushing for a global framework at the United Nations. This initiative, outlined in a recently proposed resolution, aims to [...]

March 16, 2024|Categories: Artificial Intelligence News|

Clone Robotics is a humanoid robot startup that flies under everyone’s radar

While Boston Dynamics' Atlas leaps and bounds across the internet, a lesser-known robotics company in Poland is taking a distinctly different approach to building the robots of tomorrow. Clone Robotics, founded in November 2021, is purposefully staying quiet as [...]

March 16, 2024|Categories: Artificial Intelligence News|

Apple buys AI startup DarwinAI just weeks after the company announced plans to develop its own generative AI tools

In a move shrouded in secrecy, tech giant Apple has reportedly acquired Canadian artificial intelligence (AI) startup DarwinAI, according to sources familiar with the deal. The acquisition, which likely occurred earlier in 2024, has yet to be officially acknowledged by [...]

March 15, 2024|Categories: Artificial Intelligence News|

The European Parliament has just APPROVED the AI Act

In a historic move, the European Parliament has greenlit the much-anticipated AI Act, establishing the world's first comprehensive legal framework for regulating artificial intelligence. The legislation passed by a substantial margin (523-46), marking a significant step towards harnessing the power [...]

March 14, 2024|Categories: Artificial Intelligence News|
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