The smartphone landscape in China is fiercely competitive, with local giants like Huawei and Xiaomi vying for dominance alongside established players like Apple and Samsung. In this heated race, OnePlus, known for its flagship devices and clean software experience, is making a strategic move by rolling out AI features to its latest smartphones in China.

This update, currently limited to the OnePlus 11 and 12 running ColorOS 14 (the China-specific version of OxygenOS), introduces three key AI-powered functionalities:

  • AI Summarizer: This feature automatically generates summaries of phone calls, capturing crucial information like locations, dates, and action items. This can be incredibly useful for busy professionals who need to quickly recall key details from their conversations.
  • AIGC Remover: This image editing tool empowers users to effortlessly remove unwanted objects and people from their photos. Perfect for fixing minor photobombing incidents or enhancing the overall composition of the image.
  • Article Summaries: For avid readers, this feature provides concise summaries of articles they’re browsing on their phones. This saves valuable time and allows users to grasp the main points of an article quickly, especially when dealing with lengthy content.

This strategic move by OnePlus is clearly targeted at Samsung, a major competitor in the Chinese market known for its Bixby AI assistant and other intelligent features integrated into its Galaxy devices. By offering similar AI functionalities, OnePlus aims to attract users who value convenience and productivity tools powered by artificial intelligence.

It’s crucial to note that this update is currently limited to the Chinese market and devices running ColorOS 14. There’s no official confirmation yet on whether these features will make it to the global versions using OxygenOS. This could potentially create a disparity in the user experience depending on the region, which might not sit well with global consumers.

The long-term success of these AI features hinges on their effectiveness and user adoption. While the concepts sound promising, real-world implementation often presents challenges. The accuracy of the AI Summarizer and AIGC Remover, as well as the relevance of the Article Summaries, will be key factors in determining user satisfaction and the extent of its effects on the competition with Samsung.

OnePlus’s rollout of AI features in China is a strategic move to compete with Samsung in a crucial market. The potential benefits for users are undeniable, offering convenience and productivity enhancements. However, the limited regional availability and the yet-to-be-proven effectiveness of these features create uncertainties. Only time will tell if this strategic move will truly propel OnePlus ahead in the highly competitive Chinese smartphone market.