Google DeepMind has written a SECOND paper about Med-Gemini

Google DeepMind's Med-Gemini project has taken another leap forward with the introduction of three new models to its family. This exciting development, detailed in a recent paper by DeepMind, significantly expands Med-Gemini's capabilities in the realm of medical image analysis. [...]

May 12, 2024|Categories: Artificial Intelligence News|

Apple CEO Cook expected to hint new AI features next week

Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, is expected to foreshadow the company's artificial intelligence (AI) advancements during the upcoming "Let Loose" event on May 7th, according to a report by The Washington Post. While the spotlight will undoubtedly be on the new [...]

May 5, 2024|Categories: Artificial Intelligence News|

AI Is Now Integrated into YouTube

The world's largest video platform just got a major upgrade, and it could fundamentally change the way you navigate the endless stream of content. YouTube announced today that it's integrating artificial intelligence (AI) across various aspects of the platform, aiming [...]

April 9, 2024|Categories: Artificial Intelligence News|

Project Devika – The open-source alternative to Devin AI

Project Devika is a novel open-source initiative aiming to develop a free and accessible alternative to Devin AI, a powerful (and private) coding AI from Cognition Corp. This project holds the potential to significantly impact the field of AI-powered coding [...]

March 21, 2024|Categories: Artificial Intelligence News|

Meet ‘VLOGGER’ by Google, an AI that converts Photo to Talking Video

Get ready to dust off your old photo albums. Google AI has unveiled VLOGGER, a revolutionary system that can transform a single still photo into a lifelike video. This technology, detailed in a research paper titled "VLOGGER: Multimodal Diffusion for [...]

March 21, 2024|Categories: Artificial Intelligence News|

Elon Musk just announced Neuralink next product will restore Eyesight to Blind people

In a late-night tweet yesterday, Elon Musk sent a jolt through the medical technology world by hinting at Neuralink's next product, "Blindsight". The one-word tweet, followed by an emoji of an eye regaining sight, suggests the company's focus may be [...]

March 21, 2024|Categories: Artificial Intelligence News|

The first human Neuralink patient moving cursor and playing chess using just his brain

Elon Musk's Neuralink grabbed headlines this week, unveiling the first human recipient of its brain implant in a much-anticipated livestream. Noland Arbaugh, a 29-year-old paralyzed from a diving accident, captivated viewers with a live demonstration of playing chess and "Civilization" [...]

March 20, 2024|Categories: Artificial Intelligence News|

Saudi Arabia Bets a Whopping $40 Billion Fund on AI

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is making a monumental shift towards the future, with reports suggesting a staggering $40 billion investment in artificial intelligence (AI). This ambitious plan, if realized, would position Saudi Arabia as the world's single biggest investor [...]

March 20, 2024|Categories: Artificial Intelligence News|

NVIDIA revealed Project GR00T (General Robotics 003)

Get ready to share your workplace with a new colleague – a robot co-worker, that is. NVIDIA, the leading innovator in graphics processing units (GPUs), has just unveiled Project GR00T, a groundbreaking initiative designed to develop the core artificial [...]

March 19, 2024|Categories: Artificial Intelligence News|
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